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Peace Out Fashion Month!

We have had a super fun #FashionMonth and it was amazing to see some of our favourite fashion gals rocking AJ London in New York, London, Milan and Paris! We were also part of the Genie’s List #LFWDressingSweet at The Sanderson Hotel pre London Fashion Week and had so much fun dressing lots of you! Some of our favourite looks from the Dressing Sweet and Fashion Month in general were:

Mimi Elashiry in our candy pink and midnight black wool scarf in London!

Meg Maru in our candy pink gilet in London:

Millie Belle Diamond in our black and ivory double pom beanie hats in New York:

Nadia Fairfax in New York in our all black double pom hat:

Tara Reid and Cassie Scerbo wearing our feather clutch bags mulled burgundy and alpine white in London:

Cheralee Lyle in NYC in our all black single pom hat:

Amy Sturgis in London in our candy pink and midnight black wool scarf:

Maddie Demaine in our clouded grey gilet backstage at London Fashion Week:

Wallis Day in our mermaid spell and candy pink scarf at our LFWDressing Sweet by Genie’s List:

Mess Magazine in our sky blue and white scarf in London:

India Rose James in our emerald green collar in Soho:

Cassyette with our candy pink lambswool bag in London:

Maddie Chester in our all black single pom hat in New York:

Tara Reid in our clouded grey lambswool gilet in London:

Cassie Scerbo wearing our alpine white feather bag in London:

Fluff at our LFWDressingSweet! Love AJ Xx