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Meet Hannah… Yoga Goddess!

Here at AJ London we are really into our yoga and have been inspired by our incredible yoga teacher and fitness guru Hannah! Hannah is based in Kent, also teaching in London, and has given us an insight into yoga from a beginners perspective, and some handy hints, tips and reasons to begin yoga!

Hannah, 23, Yoga Teacher & Personal Trainer.

What made you start yoga?

I was curious about flexibility, mobility, and all about the meditation side of yoga as well. University can be really stressful and while I was studying I wanted something to compliment my exercise routine that required a different way of thinking and that approached health and fitness from a different angle.

How often do you do it or what is a typical weekly exercise routine for you?

I now teach 12 lessons each week so a mix between group classes and one on one lessons. For my own personal practice, I usually have a couple of hours reserved each week, and I also do cross fit 5/6 times a week too.

Why would you recommend yoga to others?

I think its great for getting a connection between mind and body, helping you be present in your own body, feeling and breathing through movement. It also really improves mobility and flexibility which are both key for other sports. At the end of each class I do a 10-15 minute meditation with my students, or lying in savasana, which is the final pose completely relaxing the body and allowing you to observe any changes in breath, mood, body, from the beginning to the end of the class which always leaves you with a feeling of zen.

Do you have to be super flexible / fit to do yoga?

No, yoga is for everyone and it isn’t all about doing the most advanced pose, its more to do with calming the mind down and focusing on the breath.

Any personal gains / achievements through yoga?

For me, definitely having an allotted space and time each day to get to that state of mind where you are in the moment and present, which helps me relax and feel focused.

Be inspired, follow @hanmayes on Instagram, and check out some of the yoga positions Hannah practices below: